Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The CB400F is started

Well this will have to do as the first picture for this project. I know it may not look like a Honda but I assure you it is we just tore it down before we snapped a photo, but that is what happens when you are just too busy to worry about it. Well I'm worried about it because I want to tell the complete story about this bike. I bought this stuff from a nice fella who was clearing out the basement and getting ready to have a little girl so it had to go and I happened to be there(thanks bob) and these parts sat waiting for a new home. Well now there is a new owner and when money is involved work gets done. So here is the start. I spent about 4 hours ordering a ton of parts today, things will start coming in next week. But up next for this bike is finding a seat and making the new seat mounts magically appear after lots of welding and grinding then it's off to get powder coated.