Friday, November 14, 2008

Shop Business Update

Since so much has happened in the last 5 month I'll just give all the fun things a line or two. The story and pics and story are not in a great chronological order. But it's all in there. Racing is all fun and games until you break your collar bone. It is still broken. Most likely gonna have surgery next spring after everything settles down with the new Baby.

We are busy as all get out and have about a 2-3 month backlog, and we need to get some more space and more good mechanics.

Ike is finally 21! He has something to say.

Brandon was hit by a car turning left on his way home, he lost a foot. The Northwest Ruckus Association, The Cretins, Twinline, and a strong community of motorcyclists raised some cash at our Cafe Sprint ride in September. It was a great party. Brandon is doing well.
I was welcomed to my new neighborhood (columbia city) with a $750 non speeding ticket from the local constable, just after I moved my family.

I lost two great guys from my shop last last week. They both have had life turn some twists. Eric (having a famly) and Kyle (helping his family)

I did bring on a new mechanic, he even has some credentials - his name is Brandon. I look forward to getting to know him.

This has all been a challenge in five months I have been wrenching with a broken bone, lost some great talent, and my shop continues to grow. Business is a tough learning curve and I am still learning. Thank you everyone that helps make this experience happen for me. I am passionate about motorcycles.... even though I'm not supposed to ride them.
(Matt the guy on the left crashed his CBR1000 when he was trying to race against the ol' xs650 bomber) Never race against a 21 year old with an ego.