Wednesday, June 20, 2007


That is the Japanese translation for the word brutal (at least acording to google beta (english to conji) translation) This bike is a brutal cafe' racer, infact it was a racer and now we have to make it work on the street. Not so easy as we do not know exactly what is in it. We do know it has a big bore (size unknown) and a lumpy cam (we do not know how lumpy) but we are sure it will idle at less than 2k RPM , dual disk, and it is very, very loud. We are not done yet and it just looks mean. This bike is waiting for it's seat and tank to come back from on of our painters. right now we are dialing in the jetting, we have 105's in now and shows only white on the plugs. Gonna have to drop 110's or 115's in this beasty.

We have the Chad on this one.